Sensory Friendly Performance

Sensory Friendly "Charlie's Chocolate Adventure"

The Schuylkill Ballet Theatre is proud to offer a Sensory-Friendly performance of “Charlie's Chocolate Adventure” to Schuylkill and Berks counties! These performances are designed to create a welcoming environment for families with loved ones who are on the Autism spectrum, have sensory sensitivities or may have special needs. They are also for anyone who may benefit from being in a more relaxed environment.

These performances feature a friendly, supportive environment for our friends with special needs. Adaptations to the performance are slight, including:

  • Adjusted lighting and sound
  • House lights will remain on (at a low level) in the auditorium during the performance
  • Meet and Greet opportunities with the dancers at the conclusion of the performance

      PLUS, at this performance we have

  • relaxed house rules–you are free to get up, move around, and leave whenever you need to
  • allowed use of iPads and other electronics devices for communication purposes
  • quiet areas in the lobby for taking a break

Please call 570-617-5616 or email: for any questions or requests you may have about our Sensory Friendly show!

Purchase tickets for the Sensory Friendly performance!

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